Over 50 years in the music business.


Because of the late Hal Jackson, Ricky G, Frankie Crocker and E Rodney Jones, Hal and Rocky open the doors for me I wanted to be a doctor, a Psychiatrist, but these two jocks heard my voice. I met Hal Jackson trying to get my group on his talent show and Rocky G. heard me at a Disco called the Cheetah, both of them said I had great pipes and Rocky G offered me a weekend job, plus salary at the Disco and at WWRL Radio.


I attended the school Dewitt Clinton, New York University for 2 years, New York School of Announcing and Speech for 2 years, I also did DJ Announcing, broadcasting, news and sports, radio WWRL, WLIB, WBLS, did video commercials for students who wanted to do T.V. commercials and voice overs for a casting agency, which I did some acting as well, but radio open many doors in New York, New Orleans and L.A. I owned 6 music stores and 2 nite clubs while still working in radio.


I promoted concerts and after concert parties, did promotions for Def Jam, Warner Bros., Southwest Wholesale in Houston, TX, Independent Record Labels, President of Money Talk Records, and manager of some artists.  I also put two record pools together, plus introduced New Orleans to the Hip Hop music group the Sugar Hill Gang and Disco music with imports from around the world.  Currently the owner/CEO of Supreme Music 2000.