David Lee Kelson was born in a small town in Georgia called Rome, but currently resides in Kissimmee Florida. As a child David had a love of music he heard on the radio. He perfected his craft of singing by imitating songs, however, it wasn’t until his senior year in high school that he took music seriously.
David’s first adventure into music started as a rap artist. He wrote, performed, and produced songs for the act. The group performed as an opener for many major acts, in the Florida region, until they disband due to irreconcilable differences between the members. At this time David did not give up on his love for music, he just turned his interest into perfecting his vocal and writing skills. Then he sang with several R & B groups with mini-major success in the industry. When the R & B groups disband due to lack of making the leap to a major recording deal, David turned back to writing and producing music. There he became a writer for Grammy producers and soon started writing for the producer of Johnny Wright’s management company. Soon after, David got burned-out from music. He decided to take a break, but that was short-lived, only to return to his true love of music around 2010. David’s inspiration comes from Brian McKnight, Dianne Warren, Richard Marx, BabyFace, and David Foster.
As of 2019, David has the support of his loving family and is now a mature dedicated artist/producer/writer. His superior knowledge of the music business, creative sense of writing, and organizational skills of arranging production will blow you away with the new EP release titled “Broken.” So if you are not ready, get ready, because “Broken” will bring you to your knees with its content! I see a Grammy coming!
For further information contact: SUPREME MUSIC 2000
Chuck Harrison (337)787-4655


Born and raised in Iota, a small town in South Louisiana, Mike Hebert began learning to sing and play guitar around the age of twelve. Most of his young adult life was occupied working for a trucking company in addition to working as a building contractor, but always found time to devote himself to his passion through songwriting and local gigs with friends. A fan of the "outlaw" style of country music, Mike finds inspiration in one of his favorite artists, Waylon Jennings. After teaching himself to play the fiddle, Mike has connected his love for Cajun music to the people of South Louisiana. With Mike's writing style ranges from classic to modern country and modern rock to Americana style, creates a wonderful blend of music guaranteed to draw large crowds.


JIM.ME has collectively performed for thousands of people as a member of R&B Groups PLUSH and PREMIER. As a member of both groups he was sought after (collectively with group members) by LaFace Records and Mercenary Entertainment (JIM.ME and members of Premier signed by Mercenary). JIM.ME is an experienced recording artist and JIM.ME has performed in venues from 100 people up to 20,000 people. JIM.ME also has co-written credits on several songs. Like most artist he honed his craft in local venues (clubs, festivals, etc.) and continued perfecting his craft through years of experience. JIM.ME has embarked on a solo career with a goal of bringing soulful music to the masses.


James ‘J-Love’ Wendell Glover Sr hails out of Lafayette Louisiana with strong ties to the Crescent City (NOLA) Is a very talented writer and producer of R & B, Rap & Hip Hop music. Influenced by his late uncle Russel ’T-Babe’ Glover who taught him how to play bass guitar at age 13...and would later incorporate trombone , violin and piano to his list of instruments he enjoyed as well as singing along with some his favorite artists. It didn't take him long to figure out what his passion was. Other influences includes: Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder ,Baby Face, Charlie Wilson and Johnathan Butler just to name a few. Over the years he has developed his own unique style and sound of smooth rhythm and blues music that would separate him from the norm. Writing and composing good music for himself is what he truly enjoys but doing for others brings him even more joy. He recognizes his God given talent and simply wants to share it with the entire world. His message is very simple… Live , Love , Dance and embrace what moves your spirit…